Which Old K Stamp?

This is an interactive diagnostic key which should help you identify the trademark stamp on a K Zildjian Istanbul cymbal. The identification information and years are based on the pioneering work of Bill Hartrick. I'm responsible for any mistakes in my interpretation of his stamp identifying features. Bill has sole responsibility for the years as I haven't examined those at all. His work is published in pages 250-251 of Rob Cook, The Gretch Drum Book, Rebeats Publications, 2013. I recommend you rush out a buy a copy if you are serious about identifying your K Zildjian Istanbul cymbals. Especially if you are also keen on Gretsch drums. There is more detail in there than I've implemented so far.

This key is done in a series of specific questions, and we begin with a three way question which splits into two sorts of Old Stamps, versus Intermediate Stamps and New Stamps. This top level is all you need to make use of my pricing analysis but you can delve as deeply as you choose.

There are three distinct features of the Arabic portion of the stamps. Click on the image which most closely matches yours. When you get there you can back up in your browser if you change your mind.

Does yours have the "saxophone"?


The "J"?


The "pitchfork"?


If none of the above images match, you may not have a K Zildjian Istanbul. You may have some other sort of stamp which is a K Zildjian but not made in Turkey. Does your stamp have the W and U under the moon and star? No MADE IN TURKEY wrapping around the moon?


You may also have a 1930s K Zildjian Constantinople. Some of these resemble the K Zildjian Istanbul stamps but there are others which have no English text. Look for one or more of: K Zildjian & Cie, Constantinople, and TRADEMARK as seen below. You may want to try this option if you have not yet identified anything. Click on this picture to see more about these.


If you still don't see anything which is close then it isn't clear what you have. There are lots of different Turkish cymbal factories these days and many have the star and crescent moon in their logos and stamps. But that is beyond the scope of this tool.

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