Avedis Zildjian info by year annotated with information and links:

1929 Avedis Zildjian begins in Norfolk Downs, Mass.
1930 Pre Transitional Stamp -- the First?
1932 Military markings on cymbals
1933 Zenjian
1935 Alejian
1937 ZILCO; brilliant (buffed) cymbals Pinksterboer (1992), The Cymbal Book, p82
1938 patent applied for Swish cymbal Feb 7, 1938 granted US 2189095 Feb 6, 1940
1939 Avedis Zildjian moves to North Quincy, Mass.
1940 Thin Ottoman Pre Trans Stamp (aka Second Stamp)
1942 NOTE: although it may look like Second Stamps start after
1943 the move to North Quincy this isn't based on evidence
1944 and the stamp dates for the 1930s and early 40s aren't known accurately
1946 Trans Stamps begin
1947 Trans Stamp I ?
1948 catalog lists Bop Flange Hats and Be-Bop cymbals 18" to 26" (Cymbal Book, p150)
1949 Trans Stamp II ?
1950 Trans Stamp III ?
1951 Trixon addition to Avedis Stamps (1950s generally)
1952 Trans Stamps IV ?
1953 Trans Stamps end
1954 1954 Stamp ?
1955 Large Stamps (3 types): Hollow Block (HB); Large with 3 Dots; Large without 3 Dots
1957 Late 50s Small Stamps (two sub types A and B)
1958 Mounting Hole diameter goes from 7/16" to 1/2" ?
1960 60s stamps (two sizes): short 1 3/16" ; and tall 1.5"
1963 New Beat Hat as special order bottom
1966 Visible hammering on bottom drops out "early 1960s" according to Bill Hartrick ?
1968 New Beat Hats sold as pair; Canadian facility opens making Zilco by AZCO
1970 1970s stamp See Also: how to tell 50s from 70s
1971 Brilliant finish (ad June 1971) patent applied for Feb 6, 1970 granted 3640029 Feb 8, 1972
1972 Avedis series with Made in Canada or no country of origin
1973 A Zildjian & Cie Constantinople; move to Norwell, Mass.
1976 Glossary of cymbal types
1977 Hollow Zildjian ink logo underneath 78-82
1978 K series Canadian
1979 Quick Beat hats patent applied for Jan 31, 1979 granted 4248129 Feb 3, 1981; Earth Ride
1980 CO Stamps ? and One Inch 50s like stamp ?
1981 AMIR?
1982 K series Early American (EAK) ; solid Zildjian ink top and bottom; Scimitar series
1983 Tony Williams Hand Hammering Ads (ad 9/83)
1986 Z series
1987 K Custom series (Pinksterboer p202); end of A Zil & Cie Contantinople (ref: Jeansonne)
1988 K series Intermediate American (IAK)
1989 K Custom Dry (Pinksterboer p148)
1990 A Custom series?
1991 A Custom series?
1992 K Pre-Aged Dry Light Ride: 18", 20", 22" ; Avedis ink added and bottom Zildjian gets an ®
1993 370th Anniversary Series
1994 Laser Serial Number beginning with letters "ID" meaning "94" at 12 o'clock
1995 IE
1996 IF Cursive A at top next to model ink?
1997 IG
1998 IH K Constantinople Series, 375th Anniversary Series
1999 II
2000 JJ A Z & CIE Vintage appear;
2001 JA
2002 JB Last year of laser stamp at 12 o'clock? (seen ones at 3 o'clock and 12 o'clock)
2003 JC New K Con models: MTL, MTH, Thin, all in 20 and 22
2004 JD
2005 JE
2006 JF
2007 JG Armands appear; A Z & CIE Vintage line dropped
2008 JH
2009 JI A Custom ReZo crashes
2010 AJ A Z & CIE Vintage, Earth Ride 20" rarities year, A Custom ReZo line expanded
2011 AA
2012 AB change to pin lathing on K Cons; 15, 17, 19 crashes added
2013 AC redesigned A line; Armands drop out except 19" Beautiful Baby
2014 AD Kerope Series
2015 AE Medium weight 20" and 22" Keropes added; 21" Orgainc Ride; 20" K Con Renaissance
2016 AF Avedis line released; S line release
2017 AG K Custom Special Dry Series
2018 AH
2019 AI <<<<<<<<< you are here!
2020 BJ
No Year: The Mythical C2 stamp which doesn't exist

If a year has a ? after it that can mean either conflicting evidence of the year, or that sufficiently robust evidence hasn't been found (or if it has nobody told me). I'm still searching for proper evidence or a consensus view on many many things. Expect change.

Note that way back in the 30s and early 40s I have put the First and Second stamps as starting in a particular year. I have attached them to a year because I had to put it somewhere. Don't believe I really know the exact year. The same goes for later events, but as we move forward the uncertainty reduces a bit. But never ever think that one stamp ended on December 31st 1959 and another stamp replaced it on January 1st 1960. It isn't like that.

I am happy to accept well referenced additions or corrections to when models come in and out, the years when stamps or particular ink styles appeared, etc. But please don't flood me with lots of these for the time being. But I do appreciate contributions from others, particularly because I haven't got many Zildjian catalogs, price lists, and old drumming magazines with ads. I just wasn't paying attention to that sort of stuff.

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