Trixon: Addition to 1950s Avedis Stamps

During the 1950s there are cymbals which have a Trixon stamp in addition to the Avedis Zildjian stamp. The Trixon is in the script style used by Trixon (a German drum company).

Image: Large Stamp (LS3) with Trixon Stamp above


So far these Trixon stamps have been recorded on Trans Stamp cymbals (TS3) through late 1950s Small Stamps (SSB), and on cymbals with the 60s stamp. They may appear earlier or later than this, but these are the ones I've recorded so far.

The Trixon stamp can appear either above (see above) or below the main Avedis stamp. As far as I know, Trixon had an arrangement with Zildjian to produce cymbals to be sold with Trixon sets. Zildjian did that with a number of drum manufacturers. But unlike the Alejian and Zilco and Zenjian lines, the Trixon stamp was just added above or below the Avedis Zildjian stamp. I don't know why one position or the other was chosen. It could just be what looked right given the position of the main stamp. But because it moves around (and can be different distances from the Avedis Stamp), we know that the Trixon stamp was applied separately from the main Avedis stamp. I can't say if the stamp was applied in Germany or at Zildjian before it left the factory.

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