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Geoffrey A. Charters MSc (Hons) PhD (Pathology)

Molecular oncopathologist


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Film and Television Extra (part-time) 2003 - present

Agencies:August Models and Talent, Hidden Taonga/Café Photo, Visage Models and Talent
  • TV series: Mercy Peak, Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune.
  • Miniseries/movies: Hercules, role of "Argus"; Skin and Bone
  • Music videos: Brothaz (Nesian Mystic), Without You (Minuit).
  • TV advertisements: numerous and various, at least ten in total.

Various casual, part-time, or short-term positions Dec 2002 - 2005

Employer:The University of Auckland
  • Research assistant (Department of Psychiatry).
  • Examination marking (Department of Anatomy).
  • Laboratory demonstration (Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology).
  • Database programmer (Department of Psychiatry).
  • Examination assistant supervisor (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences).

Science Coordinator and Teacher (part-time) Jul 2003 - Dec 2004

Employer:The George Parkyn National Centre for Gifted Education
Duties: Preparation and delivery of intensive one-day single-topic lessons to gifted children in the 8 - 12 year age range within the context of the One Day School operated by the centre.
  • Topology and Space-time.
  • Boolean Algebra and Digital Electronics.
  • The Electromagnetic Force.
  • The Central Dogma of Biology.

Software Synthesist, Process Information Controller (full time) Oct 1983 - Aug 1994

Employer:Nelsons (NZ) Ltd; Weddel-Crown Corporation (NZ) Ltd; Weddel (NZ) Ltd
  • Completion and further development of the data acquisition and marshalling system referred to below including significant extensions to functionality, alterations due to changing requirements, operator training, system documentation, system migration to new hardware/operating systems, close liaison with engineering maintenance staff, emergency fault finding and remedy.
  • Training of over 100 staff members in the rudiments of computing, with a core of approximately 10 proceeding to elementary programming.
  • Plant-wide network advocacy, planning and implementation.
  • Completion of a highly detailed plant-wide product-flow analysis as a precursor to the implementation of an inventory control system.
  • Development of a computer-based cold-store operations simulator used at two of the Groups sites.
  • Supervision and direction of the Small Systems Support Team responsible for PC application and network support.
  • Participation in the Plant Technical Steering Committee.
  • Representation of the Group at the Meat Industry Association Technical Committee.

Computer Programmer / Systems Analyst (full time) Jan 1981 - Oct 1983

Employer:Automation Engineering (a division of Refrigeration Engineering Ltd)
Duties:Design and implementation of real-time data-acquisition and analysis software for industrial applications.
  • Hardware platforms included Digital Equipment Corporation PDP11 family processors under the RSX11M/S operating system and Motorola 6800 family microprocessors under the AEROS kernel.
  • Programming was in PASCAL and MACRO-11 assembler for PDP11 and AERIAL structured assembler for M6800.
  • Programming a microprocessor-based irrigation controller for horticultural applications.
  • Modifications to the control software for the Mangere sewage treatment plant.
  • Most significantly, software design and implementation for a 30 processor hierarchically-networked data acquisition and marshalling system for the Mutton Complex at the Tomoana Freezing Works in Hastings.